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Hope Pavich

Executive Director
As Executive Director of Care For Friends, Hope brings extensive experience in nonprofit leadership. Her background includes program management, community engagement, and advocacy, fostering impactful initiatives to support vulnerable populations in Chicago.


Hope has dedicated her career to working in the Chicago nonprofit sector. Prior to Care For Friends, she worked as a Program Director at Greenheart Travel, where she was responsible for the oversight, growth and development of international youth programs. 

As a Program Coordinator at Vietnamese Migrant Workers and Brides Office, Hope worked with partner organizations and government officials to research, develop and facilitate recreational programs for victims of human trafficking in shelters and detention centers.  

Her interest in working with Chicago communities began when she first started working at the Marriott Foundation. With them, she worked with Chicago Public Schools, Chicago employers, and inner-city youth, as well as conducted client recruitment and managed the WIA grant database. 

Hope received her Bachelor’s degree (BA) from St. Norbert College (2004), and her Masters degree (MA) from the School for International Training (2010) with a concentration in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management.